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標題: Execution failed for task ':app:checkDebugAarMetadata'. [打印本頁]

作者: pericles    時間: 2022-1-22 18:16     標題: Execution failed for task ':app:checkDebugAarMetadata'.

> A failure occurred while executing
   > One or more issues found when checking AAR metadata values:

     The minCompileSdk (31) specified in a
     dependency's AAR metadata (META-INF/com/android/build/gradle/
     is greater than this module's compileSdkVersion (android-29).
     Dependency: androidx.window:window-java:1.0.0-beta04.
     AAR metadata file: C:\Users\85252\.gradle\caches\transforms-3\41a83d0cf61e3d2ab42ea706b65148ab\transformed\jetified-window-java-1.0.0-beta04\META-INF\com\android\build\gradle\

     The minCompileSdk (31) specified in a
     dependency's AAR metadata (META-INF/com/android/build/gradle/
     is greater than this module's compileSdkVersion (android-29).
     Dependency: androidx.window:window:1.0.0-beta04.
     AAR metadata file: C:\Users\85252\.gradle\caches\transforms-3\bb9a53f8c4dc071c681fa071739dc70b\transformed\jetified-window-1.0.0-beta04\META-INF\com\android\build\gradle\


Open  android > app > build.gradle file.

Change compileSdkVersion from 29 to 31.
Change targetSdkVersion from 29 to 31.
now run again.
作者: pericles    時間: 2022-1-22 18:31     標題: Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugMainManifest'.

> Manifest merger failed : android:exported needs to be explicitly specified for <activity>. Apps targeting Android 12 and higher are required to specify an explicit value for `android:exported` when the corresponding component has an intent filter defined. See ... ty-element#exported for details.


You need to specify android:exported="false" or android:exported="true"
android > app > scr > main > AndroidManifest.xml

                <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
                <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

> Remark:   check when to use true/false for 'android:exported' value ... ty-element#exported
作者: pericles    時間: 2022-1-24 10:26     標題: Your project requires a newer version of the Kotlin Gradle plugin.

Your project requires a newer version of the Kotlin Gradle plugin.                       │
│ Find the latest version on, then │
│ update C:\Users\85252\StudioProjects\w_bnb_202201\android\build.gradle:                      │
│ ext.kotlin_version = '<latest-version>'

e.g. 打開  build.gradle 文件, 把後面的版本數字更改為最新的版本  ext.kotlin_version = '1.6.10'
作者: pericles    時間: 2022-1-24 16:33     標題: Warning : Your Flutter ... older version of the Android

Your Flutter application is created using an older version of the Android
embedding. It is being deprecated in favor of Android embedding v2. Follow the
steps at

to migrate your project. You may also pass the --ignore-deprecation flag to
ignore this check and continue with the deprecated v1 embedding. However,
the v1 Android embedding will be removed in future versions of Flutter.
The detected reason was:

  C:\Users\85252\StudioProjects\Covid19-Tracker-App\android\app\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml uses `android:name=""`

Build failed due to use of deprecated Android v1 embedding.

Ref: ... 12-Android-projects

1.  Open android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
2.  Replace the reference to FlutterApplication in the application tag with ${applicationName}

Replace  android:name=""   by android:name="${applicationName}"

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