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  Hardware equipment
  Retail system
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  Manufactur trading
  Web design
  Software development
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  Pericles Technology Limited
was foundedin 1994 as a software
development company. Its mission is
to provide quality service and quality
products towards better information
management for different-sized
  companies. Its products were developed to best fit
practical work flow. Different departments could start
separately right now while integrated to give a
complete system in future.
  Pericles Technology Limited
as a software consultant firm,
we provide total solution in office
computerization. For example,
we have been recommending
economical proposal to our customers
  to meet their needs. We also have been providing tailor
made software to match different requests from our
clients.our products: POS software Restaurant Trading......

  Find answers to the most common
  Our clients list
Pelle Borsa (retail system)
Newport Circuit (software development)
Sky Henry Lau (retail system)
Micro Planet (retail system)
MCT (retail system / web design)
Priceco (retail system)
Gold Time (software development)
Unionmart (retail system)
Da Dolce (retail system)
POS_retail_system POS_restaurant_system
Fit for : restaurant?Bhotel?Bmember place......
Touch POS Professional system function All

available! Fast, flexible printing and easy paper

loading with Star receipt printers Multiple interfaces

for exceptional expandability......
  Fit for : fashion store?Bdepartment store?Bshow
business?Bmusic?Bbook store?Bsupermarker?B
commodity store?Bsock store......
  Cooperate : station,bar code Scanner,the printer

and programming keyboard operation.Have function

of networks ,has supported thousand branch stores.

The materials are upgraded full-automatically, operate

interfaces simple and easily , can learn to use in 15


Pericles Technology Limited
Flat C, 7/F., Everest Industrial Centre, 396 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Telephone : (852) 2732 2208 ?@?@Facsimile : (852) 2739 5072