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標題: 有關 Mail Server SPAM Mail Filter 問題 [打印本頁]

作者: pericles    時間: 2009-6-4 11:00     標題: 有關 Mail Server SPAM Mail Filter 問題


Spamdyke is a spam protection program that filters incoming messages at the SMTP level by blocking connections from mail servers identified as spam sources or that match certain reverse DNS validation rules.  

The Spamdyke program is enabled by default. You can enable or disable Spamdyke and configure its options from your online Control Panel's Mail Manager section, under "Edit global mail settings". Spamdyke can be configured only globally for the hosting account, it cannot be managed per mailbox.

註: 若發電郵給你們的公司, 基於某些原因而被界定為 "垃圾郵件的來源" , 此設置會令貴公司收不到由此公司發出的電郵。 貴公司或可以要求我們把這功能停止。

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